Our Cause  |  . . a child dies every 15 seconds from a waterborne disease

As much as we like to think that great coffee is a basic necessity, we know that it’s not essential for human life. But clean water is. According to Water Partners International, a child dies every 15 seconds from a waterborne disease.


Our family finds this unacceptable. So, we decided to take something we consider a lifesaver, and use it to really save lives.


Your purchase of Buona Caffe artisan roasted coffee helps save precious lives in the poorest countries in the world. For every 12-ounce retail bag of coffee we sell, we make a donation to Children's Safe Drinking Water, a program that provides water purification packets to such organizations as World Vision, CARE, and U.S. AID.


One packet costs 10 cents and will purify 10 liters of water. Since our company was founded, we have donated more than $7,000 to Children’s Safe Drinking Water on behalf of our customers — enough to provide a year’s worth of clean water for 954 children.


It's both humbling and exciting to know that such a small donation has such a major effect.




                                                                                     Matt. 25:40